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7 June 2024 - 9 June 2024,
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16-th international specialized exhibition

June 7 -  9, 2024

From the 7-th utill the 9-th of June in Yerevan will pass the international universal exhibition “WORLD OF CHILDHOOD EXPO 2024″, dated for the International day of protection of children.

The Exhibition “WORLD OF CHILDHOOD EXPO″ this main exhibition action of the children’s market. A main objective of an exhibition-development of the given branch, attraction of highly skilled manufacturers and experts, saturation of the market of Armenia by the new assortment of the goods for children. “WORLD OF CHILDHOOD EXPO 2024″ covers the major aspects of ability to live, development and education of the child.

The exhibition will pass with support of Ministry of Economy of the RA, Ministry of Education of the RA.

In exhibition three children’s homes from different regions of Armenia (Gjumri, Gavar, Yerevan) where children will represent the works executed by the hands take part. The exhibition will be accompanied by the sated cultural program.

Within the limits of an exhibition will pass:

  • Photocompetition – “Smiles”
  • Competition on the best drawing: “the Small artist”
  • Competition with the assistance of firm Lego – “I build the world”,The exhibition purpose:
  • Entertaining show from a cultural production center of “Minor”
  • Presentation of the goods and services for children
  • The Establishment of new business contacts

The basic thematic sections:

1. The goods for children

  • Clothes, footwear, linen, accessories for children and teenagers
  • Furniture for the house, kindergartens, educational institutions
  • Toys designers, attractions, a swing
  • Kantstovary and school accessories
  • Sports training apparatus, bicycles, a sledge, carriages, accessories
  • Means of hygiene and cosmetics for children
  • The Goods for pregnant women

2. A food for children food for newborns

Dry breakfasts, juice, sweets, ice-cream

3. Medicine to children

4. Training and formation of children

  • Developing and training techniques and games
  • Studios, the centers
  • Manuals, books
  • Training computer programs, el. games
  • Video, audio of the cartridge

5. Financial services to children

6. Children’s rest and tourism.

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